“Not only was [Ms. Shipley] able to come into projects in various design stages and pick up the Revit drawings and produce on demand, but more importantly she helped other designers in the office upgrade their Revit skills as well. She assisted us in setting up drawing standards and templates. Her dual experience as a Revit instructor and producing contract documents in a design firm gives her the unique perspective of not only teaching students how to use the software, but what is important for them to know to set drawings up correctly for the end deliverables. This skill sets her apart from most instructors. She knows what she is teaching as well as why she is teaching it.”

~ B. Roby, President, AFF Services, Inc.


“We worked side-by-side, documenting utility locations including existing and new water lines. [Ms. Shipley] created unique, dynamic AutoCAD blocks for our use, and set up template files to make future work more efficient. She kept teaching me techniques throughout our working together. A few years ago I tried outsourcing this work outside the US, and found it cost prohibitive. While their hourly rate was much lower, time spent in correcting and sending back more than overshadowed the cost to have the work done locally and correctly.”

~ P. Chavez, Pinpointer Co.


“She was asked to join the instruction team, and received consistently high scores on the Autodesk evaluations for the classes she taught. After a few years, I moved into the Dean of Continuing Education and Facilities position, leaving my position as Director in Continuing Education and Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC) manager vacant. Ms. Shipley moved into the position, and with passion pursued ways to improve the program, market to the public, involved dedicated professionals as instructors, and kept abreast of Autodesk improvements and requirements.

When she became an Autodesk Authorized Consultant, her skills helped the school as well as the students maintain a high degree of knowledge about Autodesk software.

I highly recommend Victoria Shipley because she knows the applications she is teaching on a deep level, cares about the students and what they learn, and knows what is required in the business world.”

~ E. Lawrence, Campus Architect & Director of Facilities, Gwinnett Technical College


“I employed Victoria as both a consultant and as a Subject Matter Expert in the launching of several Autodesk products… This program was a three tiered project under very tight deadlines so it was imperative that I hire individuals who could work under extremely stressful conditions. I had to rely on the expertise of highly respected consultants. I employed her as part of a 7 person team to create, test, and conduct an educational program for the Autodesk Corporate Partner Training Program. It was without question from all the experts I interviewed that Victoria was exactly the kind of individual I needed.”

~ J. Armstrong, AEC Training Manager, Autodesk, Inc.