MicroCADD Solutions provides Revit and AutoCAD consulting, training and support for all phases of a project life-cycle

Since our focus is on Revit and AutoCAD software, we have an in-depth knowledge of the software thereby assisting firms to be more productive, increasing success and profitability. creating-contentThere is an attention to consistency and detail at MicroCADD Solutions. We strive to build up existing human resources, as everyone on the team provides value.

We provide solutions for:

  • Architects/Engineers/Contractors
    Providing design and construction documents, details, schedules, as-builts and training
  • Owners/Leasing Agents
    Creating drawings for marketing, updating tenant changes, and tracking square footage based on space requirements
  • Facility Managers
    Preparing drawings to document areas, spaces and people
  • Employee Teams/Drafters
    Assessing workflow and providing training to streamline the construction drawing process, aiding in completing construction documents accurately and on time.
  • Others
    Anyone requiring drawings that are electronic and accurate, including color coded maps

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Our training component gives us a unique edge. We customize training to meet your needs.



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We provide outstanding technical services to the architectural, engineering and construction industry